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10 Steps for the Perfect Wedding

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Feeling lost within the seemingly endless list of things to do, people to call, and decisions to make for your special day? We have broken down the most important 10 steps you should take so that you can have the storybook wedding you’ve been dreaming about.

After the proposal, there is always a moment of realization. It’s all happening. You need to plan your entire wedding. The utter joy and excitement when that engagement ring is placed onto your finger quickly fades away into panic and confusion. What should the color palette be? How should I match my head pieces to my wedding dress? Who should we seat next to the sometimes too loud and rambunctious Aunt Pamela?

Take a deep breath. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Start with these 10 steps, and the rest will be smooth sailing.

1. Dream Big

Start with the big picture. This is your wedding, love. This is your day and anything, no matter how elegant or wacky, how extravagant or intimate. It’s time to sift through that Pinterest inspo for your ideal theme, whether it’s fairytale, spring, vintage… Choose the color scheme, think about the overall feeling. Ask yourself, how do you want to experience your special day? How can you celebrate and cherish the unique love and bond you have created with that special someone?

2. Consider Professional Help

This depends completely on you!

Some people love the buzz and intensity of planning their wedding, They want to head the decision-making process!

3. Organization, organization, organization

When it comes to event planning, organization is key. Whether it’s an extensive Google Drive folder or, if you are more old school, The Binder, have a “home base” where you can find all the information that goes into this wedding.

Include checklists, ideas, and the budget. Create a budget and estimate how much you want to spend on what. This allows you to determine your priorities, where you want to go crazy and where you want to pull back. Remember to leave some wiggle room in that first estimate so you have leeway when you get excited about something later on.

4. Where and When?

Booking the venue and finding a time that works for as many loved ones as you can is an absolute hassle, so finding a place to take your vows as soon as possible is crucial. Take season into mind; what weather are you looking for? A beautiful warm spring or a crisp, fresh winter? When choosing, remember how you want photos to turn out as well as the mood and aura of just being there. From destination weddings to the classic chapel, the possibilities are endless.

5. Your Look

a. Your Dress

Pull up those saved “Say Yes to the Dress” videos because your years of TV binging has just become vital research experience. The best advice for choosing that perfect dress is just to listen to yourself. You are the most important person on this day, and you need to feel absolutely gorgeous and utterly, unapologetically YOU. Don’t let boutique employees or your bridesmaids sway your opinion if you know for a fact you love the dress.

b. Your Headpiece

Sometimes that last touch, that cherry on top, really makes the entire look. Headpieces catch the light as you float around, greeting guests, saying your vows. Every aspect of headpieces, the glitter, the glam pairing beautifully into the veil, ties your bridal look together. A halo of beauty set atop a beautiful bride, ready to take the first step into the rest of her life. When choosing a headpiece, remember to make sure it works with the dress and your overall look. A good piece of advice is to choose it with the dress to ensure you look your best. Make sure it complements your best features and makes you feel radiant.

Check our collections for inspiration.

6. The Wedding Party

Selecting your Wedding Party is one of the best parts. These are the people you cherish the most and that cherish you the most. These are the people you called first when you said “YES.” The people you laugh and cry with. The people you turn to at your lowest and at your highest, your wedding.

7. The Guest List

This is, often, one of the toughest parts of wedding planning. Fitting everyone you care about in can be expensive, and couples that want a small, intimate event have to go through the difficult decision of excluding people. When it comes to making hard decisions, consult loved ones, your partner, and really just remember that this is a happy occasion. A wedding is a celebration full of light, fun, and joy.

8. The Menu

The food and drink, otherwise known as dancing fuel for the guests. When choosing your menu, focus on what you love, keep in mind your guests’ dietary restrictions, and always refer back to your budget.

9. The Honeymoon

This does not technically count as part of the wedding itself, but it’s definitely important. The whole event is about that special someone and spending that time with them. Don’t forget the honeymoon during all the excitement. You deserve it!

10. Happily Ever After

You’re about to get there... the last page of the fairytale books you read as a child, but the first in the chronicles of the rest of your life. This step is going to be both the toughest and the easiest, the most nerve-wracking and the most exciting. Take a deep breath, keep your heart open, and get ready for an adventure!

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