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How to Choose Your Perfect Bridal Hair Accessories

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Between beautiful tiaras, eye-catching crowns, and delicate hair pieces, how will you know which one to choose?

Weddings are simultaneously the very best day of your life and the most stressful. From choosing the color palette to finally finding The Dress, there are so many things to choose. Including selecting the perfect bridal hair accessories. Finding headpieces that complement your dress without taking away from the main event—you—is a whole affair in itself. If you find yourself feeling lost while sorting through the combs, pins, veils, and crowns, do not worry. We know just how overwhelming this process can be, and we have compiled a list of tips. You’ve already found “the one” in that person you love, the rest should come easy.

1. When should I choose my hair accessories?

It’s often easy to get swept away when looking through all of the sparking, alluring choices. You start looking at the pieces themselves and thinking they look gorgeous without thinking about your dress. It’s always advised to choose hair accessories after you have chosen your dress so that the two work together cohesively, gracefully, and effortlessly. Otherwise you will end up with two beautiful but clashing elements of your ensemble.

2. What Style is perfect?

Now that you know when to choose how should you go about choosing that perfect piece? Always, always remember that everything should feel completely you. Today is your day, and you need to feel absolutely comfortable and utterly beautiful. What kind of person are you? Let that shine! For instance, are you drawn to classic silhouettes like our Queen of the Night crowns? Or do the elegance of Greek-style headpieces speak to you like the exquisite our Aphrodite collection? There are a ton of styles out there so if you feel that you are a boho queen, be one. If you want to have a classic glow, do so. Stay true to yourself!

3. Silver or Gold? Or Pearls?

That is the age old question, isn’t it? Often we are torn between Gold and her nemesis Silver. The ideal hue for you should suit your dress as well as your skin and hair tones.

Gold is ideal for warm-toned girls and suits delicately beautiful champagne and, quite fittingly, gold tinted wedding dresses.

*Check out our Flora Collection

Silver is beautiful against cool-toned skin and pairs well with the pure elegance of white and ivory colors.

*Check out our DAIJOUR collection

Or is it time to take some fashion tips from Coco Chanel and opt for the opulent pearl. These beautiful gemstones are a classic, and would be perfect for anyone who wants a timelessly chic look.

*Check out our MALIKA and APHRODIE collections

4. What kind of accessory?

There are so many types of hair accessories for your big day, and we have chosen our top 3. If you want everyone to know you are a Queen, crowns and tiaras are a wonderful choice. Like our Classic Bridal Tiara,

this beautiful bridal hair jewelry can be worn by itself or paired with gorgeous veils. They also work with any hairstyle, from all up or completely down.

Headpieces, like the Crystal Pearls Headpiece, are a great choice for those who want something a little less dramatic, but just as stunning. They are head-turning worn in updos and give you that sparkle and extra something you are looking for! They are absolutely enchanting, drawing your eyes even if it’s just the back of your head. Keep your wedding attendees eyes on you, even if you are walking the other way.


Remember, again, that your wedding is YOUR DAY. Stay true to your own tastes and style. Congratulations, darling! You are about to embark on an adventure.

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